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Carole Mortimer

Carole Mortimer

Sophisticated, glamourous and sensual. Romances guaranteed to sizzle on every page!

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Carole's top writing themes

Emotional expression
Romance and passion
Body language

About Carole

I was born in a rural hamlet in the east of England, the youngest in a family of three. After finishing school I studied nursing for just one year, before I suffered a back injury which meant I could no longer follow that career. I then went to work in the computer department of a well-known stationary company and that was when I began writing my first manuscript. Despite the fact that this first attempt was turned down by Mills & Boon, my second manuscript, The Passionate Winter, was accepted, and since 1978 I have gone on to publish over 180 titles with them.

The thing I love about writing romance novels is imagining my hero and heroine, and their story to be told. I find I have a strong bond with my characters, so much so they invariably take over and decide to write the story themselves! It can be tough having to let them go when I reach the end of a book. If you ask me which title I’ve written is my favourite, I’ll always say the last one, because that is the story which is still with me.

I have a large family, my six sons and my husband, Peter senior – so sometimes my biggest indulgence is simply to spend a few hours reading a good book.

Favourite films

Pride and Prejudice, The Twilight Movies, Love Actually, Invictus, Thor (gotta love Chris Hemsworth in that outfit) Michael (I love angels – especially when that angel is John Travolta) anything with Bruce Willis in – that man has the sexiest voice ever!