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Tessa McDermid

Tessa McDermid

Heartwarming romance that lasts forever

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I first discovered Harlequin romance novels when I went to the Cayman Islands with my family to teach vacation bible school. The three weeks were special for two reasons: as the oldest of four children, I had my own room for the first time – and the room had a bookcase full of romances from the UK. I read them constantly on the beach or patio, the ocean breezes ruffling the pages. From those first books, I developed a desire to write stories about people falling in love.

Married life, a career in teaching and two sons didn't stop my dream of writing, just sent it in a different direction. Educational tips for teachers, articles about how to teach lessons, short stories and non-fiction topics that would interest young readers, almanac ideas… all are part of my writing background. I taught elementary students and sponsored a young writers club, passing along the knowledge and skills I had acquired over the years, both from my own experiences and from the writing groups I attended. A seven-year stint as a writing instructor for a correspondence course helped hone my own writing skills.

I currently live in the U.S. Midwest with my husband, our two sons and our Australian shepherd. I provide workshops for writers and teachers, run my own business and write. I love having the possibility to explore loving relationships, having been blessed to witness so many of them in my own life.