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Julianna Morris

Julianna Morris

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Julianna's top writing themes

Marriage and family
Physical intimacy
Lust and desire

About Julianna

I've consumed books with a passion ever since I began reading at the age of five, and it wasn’t long before I began creating stories in my head.  Romance, science fiction, fantasy, everything… I loved them all. I was twelve when the writing bug seriously hit. The notebook where I wrote my first stories still exists, though since it’s written in pencil, the text is nearly impossible to read.

All through high school and college, everything else I was studying became secondary to my first goal – being a professional writer. My family didn’t always share my enthusiasm, but I persisted. Happily I can report my mother became my biggest fan. With the slightly biased view a mother can have toward her children’s accomplishments, she’d sometimes put down a book by another author and say, 'Well, she’s no Julianna Morris.'

I love creating strong characters and emotional content, in addition to humorous situations. Not all of my stories have a humourous twist, but I think it’s important to laugh and not take myself too seriously. Readers sometimes ask what I’m interested in, and that’s a tricky question. Basically… practically everything. I still love reading, but my interests now also include true non-fiction (in addition to fictionalised stories of the past). Other passions include animals, travel, painting, gardening, walking at the beach, and hiking in the mountains. Nevertheless, a stray conversation, news reel, or snip of information from the Internet can send my imagination soaring and I’ll get a book on the subject or explore it another way.

Of course, writing remains my first love, and I know I will never have enough time to tell all my stories, even if I live to be five hundred. But isn’t that a wonderful problem?