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Stevi Mittman

Stevi Mittman

Murder, mayhem… and matching drapes!

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Coming of age
Crime and detectives
Crime and drugs

About Stevi

I started out life as Stephanie, went through the unfortunate ‘Steffi’ phase in elementary school (which ended when I was romantically linked to a boy with the last name Kotoff and we became known as Stuffy Nose and Kot Snot!), and finally wound up ‘Stevi’ as soon as my figure established that I wasn't a boy.

In high school I met the love of my life (as I generally refer to him after over thirty five years of marriage), and we had two wonderful children. Shortly after baby number two was born, I decided I wanted to do something that didn't require re-doing (like laundry, meals and dishes) and took up stained glass making. I found that it came naturally to me, and I was completing complicated projects within weeks. Inspired by my daughter, I decided to make a furnished Victorian dollhouse completely out of glass. I entered it into the Washington Square Art Show in New York City and took First Place in Stained Glass and Best in Show for Crafts. The dollhouse is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of the City of New York.

We were making our way home from a trip one day, when I realised that I wanted to write. I’d spent the whole time we were away without a good book to read and it dawned on me that I could simply write my own. I told my husband and son right then that they could use my studio space for a pool table – as much as I enjoyed my stained glass projects, I knew I wouldn’t need it anymore. I was going to write novels instead. And write I did.

I still make stained glass occasionally, but now I spend most of my days writing, with a cat keeping my lap warm. I love cooking, especially Asian food, and I throw a big dumpling party every winter for a few dozen friends. I also enjoy decorating and making jewellery, and I often travel with my husband to the West Coast to visit our children and their partners.