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Stella MacLean

Stella MacLean

Compassionate women, compelling stories

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Stella's top writing themes

Office settings
Emotional expression - wit
Marriage and family

About Stella

Contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and women’s fiction are my favourite genres, and I’ve written books in all three. I think that connecting with readers is the single most important reason for writing stories.
I find sitting down at my computer and tapping away at the keyboard energising. It’s my fantasy life coming alive on the page. I get to do whatever I want with my characters, have them say whatever I want them to say… all those things I wished I’d been clever enough to say in real life.
I love my family and spending time with them gives me a great deal of joy. The children in my books came from watching my children and my grandchildren as they learned to cope with the world around them.
I love clothes, movies, Starbucks coffee, the sound of silence, peanut butter and a good laugh.