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Ruth Scofield

Ruth Scofield

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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About Ruth

I fell in love with the game of ‘let’s pretend’ at the age of three. I had an active imagination, fuelled by movies, radio, and TV, and often led the neighbourhood kids in playing out all the Tarzan, Old West, and musical roles I’d ever encountered.

I climbed trees, loved climbing onto my rooftop and taking daredevil sled runs. I loved horseback riding and the countryside, music, and reading. I sang and danced all over the house. When I married a neighbour boy, it was the finest choice I ever made. Together we tromped over the Old West on vacations, taking dirt switchback roads over Rocky Mountain passes, and rode the mules to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We visited civil war battlefields, the Black Hills of Dakota, and old gold and silver mines. We visited England, Paris, Hawaii’s volcano, and Alaska’s ancient ice.

As my family grew and prospered, we found ourselves on the east coast. It opened new historical territory to explore, and I took full advantage of it. It was there where I finally put my dreams into action and began to write.

My favourite people to play 'let’s pretend' with these days are my grandchildren. They keep me breathless just to stay up – especially when my oldest granddaughter has plans to take me skydiving – I’m just holding my breath on that one!

I’ve since given up climbing trees and climbing up onto the roof, but sometimes, when no one is looking, I still sing and dance throughout the house.

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