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Ramona Richards

Ramona Richards

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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The body
Body language

About Ramona

My first ever story featured a wild and crazy trip with my parents to my birthplace of Gadsden, Alabama. I was three. My mother was mortified… because not a word of it was true.

I've been making up stuff ever since. After I handwrote my first novel at ten years old (an enormous ten pages long), my mother gave in and bought me a typewriter. Now, after more years than I wants to count, I've written everything from sales training video scripts to book reviews, and my editorial work has included novels, religious non-fiction, technical manuals and poetry.

I've freelanced with more than twenty magazine and book publishers and have won several awards for my writing, including one for a screenplay I wrote in... well, a long time ago. My articles have appeared in numerous magazines, and I sold a story about my daughter to Chicken Soup for the Caregiver's Soul.

I live with my daughter Rachel in Nashville, and I escape from my book and DVD swamped house by scuba diving and hiking.

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