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Paige Harbison

Paige Harbison

Proud to write for Harlequin

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Fashion & Style
Elements of time

About Paige

I am twenty two years old, and recently graduated from Towson University in Baltimore, MD. I was a cute child. I have a cute dog, Oakley. I bartend in downtown Frederick, MD, should you ever feel like stopping by for a drink!

I write books, and never expected to, but I really enjoy it. I try to write about real people. When you ask me where I get my inspiration, I will refer you to this quote:  "In order to write about life, you must live it." - Ernest Hemingway
When you ask me where I get my motivation, and what my writing process is like... Ernest had that covered too. (It is not necessary to take 'drunk' in the literal form for it to be true.) "Write drunk; edit sober."

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