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P.D. Martin

P.D. Martin

Proud to write for Mira

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About P.D.

I developed a passion for crime fiction and storytelling at an early age, starting off with Nancy Drew and Famous Five before graduating to Agatha Christie at the tender age of eight.

I wrote my first mystery novella in Grade 5, and then focused more on maths and science in high school. This lead me to a psychology degree, and I also took lots of subjects in criminal law and criminology. At this time I was also singing, and after I finished my Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences, I studied music full time, gigged a bit and started writing songs – rediscovering my love of writing. A couple of years later I completed a postgraduate certificate in creative writing and started writing in earnest. But it was not an easy or fast road to publication!

After writing three unpublished young adult novels, I decided to try my hand at my other early love, crime fiction. The result was Body Count, my first published novel and so far I have written five novels featuring Aussie FBI profiler Sophie Anderson.

Like most crime authors I spend a lot of time researching police (and FBI) procedures, and I'm often checking facts with my pool of experts – a forensic pathologist, a doctor, two profilers and one retired US cop.

I’ve also worked as a corporate writer for over ten years, for companies such as Genesys Wealth Advisers, AXA, BHP Billiton and Momentum Technologies Group, writing award-winning copy for flyers, brochures, web copy, newsletter articles, etc.

I’m married with one daughter. And just like my leading lady, I enjoy my exercise – except Sophie never hits snooze at six a.m. and I do!