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Theresa Michaels

Theresa Michaels

Believe in the healing power of love…

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Theresa's top writing themes

Romance and passion
Physical intimacy
Horses and ranches

About Theresa

A strong belief in the healing power of love is what I bring to all of my writing. Love, I feel, is the greatest gift. Each romance I write is a celebration of love in its forms.

For me, the romance novel is a reaffirmation that all the drama, passion, humour, and trials by fire for my fictional characters will end with their magical moment when love overcomes the darker forces, I truly believe that love can heal.

No matter how richly rewarding it is to write, I feel that reward is doubled when readers and booksellers generously share their own feelings about my work.

When I’m not writing on my typewriter – and, yes, I can hear the moans and groans that I don’t use a computer, but this is part of my creative process – I rescue stray cats, garden, and steal every moment to read and keep in touch with my network of friends, readers, and booksellers.