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Alex Kava

Alex Kava

Then came the nightmare…

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Alex's top writing themes

The body
Emotional expression

About Alex

I grew up in rural Nebraska, outside the small town of Silver Creek (population 500). As a child, I wrote short stories on the backs of old calendars and scrap paper, sharing them only with my younger brother and hiding them in a shoebox under my bed.

I attended art college on a scholarship and to pay my living expenses, I worked in a nearby hospital’s central surgery department scrubbing equipment, utensils and basins from the morgue and surgery departments. It paid off, and I graduated magna cum laude from College of Saint Mary, in Omaha, Nebraska, with a BA in Art and English.

After leaving college, I worked in graphic design, advertising, and public relations. I designed food packages and logos for national corporations, wrote brochures and newsletters, created a line of greeting cards, and directed TV and radio commercials… until the summer of 1996, when I quit my full-time job as a director of public relations in order to dedicate more time to writing fiction and getting published. To pay the bills, I resurrected my home-based graphic design firm, Square One. I refinanced my home, maxed out my credit cards, and even took on a newspaper delivery route.

Also in the summer of 1996, serial killer John Joubert was executed. The inspiration for my novel A Perfect Evil was drawn from my experience while working at a small newspaper in the community where Joubert’s rampage had taken place in 1983. His execution reminded me of the terror and panic experienced, not only by that community, but by many parents across Nebraska.

I have since completed ten novels, and I now write full-time from my home in Omaha, Nebraska

Favourite films

African Queen and Roman Holiday

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