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Lindsay McKenna

Lindsay McKenna

Creator of the Military Romance genre

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Lindsay's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
The body
Lust and desire

About Lindsay

Lindsay McKenna is proud to have served her country in the U.S. Navy as an aerographer’s mate third class – also known as a weather forecaster. She was the creator of the military romance sub-genre and loves to combine heart-pounding action with soulful and poignant romance. True to her military roots, she is the originator of the long-running and reader-favourite Morgan’s Mercenaries series. She does extensive hands-on research, including flying in aircrafts such as a P3-B Orion sub-hunter, T-38 talon US Air Force jet, and a B-52 bomber. She was the first romance writer to sign her books in the Pentagon bookstore.

Today, she has created a new military romance-suspense series, Shadow Warriors which features romantic and action-packed tales about U.S. Navy SEALs. To find out more about Lindsay, please visit her website.

Favourite films

Romancing the Stone