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Merline Lovelace

Merline Lovelace

Histories, mysteries, and sizzling military romances - something for everyone!

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Merline's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Emotional expression
The body

About Merline

Hi everyone,

As an 'Air Force brat', I grew up at military bases all around the world and half the fifty U.S. states. I especially enjoyed our years in France and in Newfoundland, way back when. After college, I joined the Air Force myself and spent another twenty three years wandering the globe, serving tours of duty in Taiwan, Vietnam and at the Pentagon (definitely a world unto itself!)   

When I hung up my uniform for the last time, I wanted to do something totally different and decided to try my hand at writing a book. Ninety-five novels later, I'm still having a ball. And the best part is I get to travel to all sorts of exotic places to research my books. I've now visited all seven continents, including Antarctica, and have set stories in all of them. I'm working on the subcontinents now – still have a few to visit and many, many more stories to write.

Happy reading!

Merline Lovelace

Favourite films

Ghost. I watch it whenever it’s on TV and it makes me cry every time.