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Julie Leto

Julie Leto

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Julie's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Lust and desire
Emotional expression

About Julie

Not a Cinderella Story


I don’t have a stepmother, have never been blonde and wouldn’t know how to clean a fireplace if ashes were stacked to the flue. But my road to publication didn’t come overnight or without a lot of disappointment. Yes, I have my Prince Charming (and a little Princess to boot), but other than that, Cinderella and I have nothing in common. Of course, my becoming published did have a lot to do with finding the perfect fit, so who knows? Maybe I do have a fairy godmother somewhere out there.

Born and raised in Florida to a close-knit family of Italian and Cuban descent, I learned never to give up or give in – especially when in pursuit of a lifelong dream. I worked over eight years before Harlequin Temptation bought my first book. But what an adventure it was!

A romance reader from age sixteen, I knew what kind of stories I wanted to write. I started my first romance in 1988 while in graduate school. Soon after, I joined the workforce as an English teacher in Catholic school, which people always get a kick out of. I wrote at night and on weekends. During breaks. I grabbed every free moment I could.

In 1996, I retired from teaching, joined my family’s manufacturing business and gave myself more time to write. 'The Call' from Harlequin came in March of 1997 with an offer to publish Seducing Sullivan – my fourth completed novel.
Clearly, all the rejection letters and years of working to improve and hone my style paid off. Since that first call, I’ve sold over forty books to four major publishers. All hot, all sexy and all fun!

So to be honest, sometimes I do feel like a certain fairytale princess.

Favourite films

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves