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Allison Leigh

Allison Leigh

Stories for the romantic in all of us

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Allison's top writing themes

Emotional expression
Physical intimacy
The body

About Allison

Growing up, I wasn’t overly thrilled about moving from one home in one state to another and another. As an adult, however, I’ve realised that each experience – from orange grove-scented air in California to wild Wyoming beauty, from the rich green summers and white-white winters in Minnesota to the inexplicable appeal of the Arizona desert – has proved wonderfully useful when it comes to letting my imagination run riot while writing. I now know I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I’ve treasured each place and those people I’ve known along the way. I value the changes, but I also value the constant – which is family. Family is what we make of it; by blood or by marriage or by enduring friendships. I hope I instill in my writing that basic point!