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Melissa James

Melissa James

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Melissa's top writing themes

Romance and passion
Emotional expression - wit
Lust and desire

About Melissa

I am a born and bred Sydney-sider, now living with my husband and three sports-loving children, part-dingo dog, and rabbits (we've also had a cat and the odd tadpole or frog – though they never seem to survive the attentions of my enthusiastic son too long) at a beachside semi-country suburb just over an hour north of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The chickens… well, they're another story. Especially when they turn out to be competitive silky bantam roosters crowing at 5 am!

I'm a former nurse, waitress, shop assistant, perfume/chocolate demonstrator (yum!) and currently a history student at university, and have always had an avid desire to find out all things historical and medical. Research is the stuff of life!

Reading, learning and doing field research (such as finding out how to fly a plane in a monsoon storm, or how it feels to be smothered with a pillow or almost fall off a cliff) all comprises part of my day, as does walking at the local beach with my husband or with friends or the kids… even the dog sometimes! Watching movies, especially suspense or romantic comedy, and shows like Alias or 24 is always terrific for imaginative inspiration.

I fell into writing through my husband, who thought it would be a good way to keep me out of trouble while the kids were little, but it wasn't long before I was hooked. I commonly take inspiration from university readers or journalists' articles and photos for my books, I find that vivid, real-life stories or graphic, painful pictures bring a fire and passion to my stories… though writing the occasional loopy comedy is a great way to stretch the imaginative muscles.

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