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Meagan Hatfield

Meagan Hatfield

Dark passion, deadly desire…

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Meagan's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
The body
Gods and heroes

About Meagan

I grew up an only child and was more or less raised by my grandparents, so I read voraciously as a kid and I always remember having a passion for the written word. I even wrote a young adult romance novel while I was still in high school. My main passion however, had always been dance. So, while I dreamed of one day penning an Academy Award–winning screenplay and accepting my Oscar, I left California for Colorado State University to pursue a degree in the arts instead. Little did I know I wouldn't like the frigid winters found at the foot of the Rockies. Or that I'd one day decide the dancing (and the weather) was much better in L.A. So, after a few years at CSU, I moved back to the warm California sun to attend San Diego State University.

Currently, I live back in the cold (don't ask me why) near Madison, Wisconsin, with my two kids and beloved Himalayan cat. I still love to dance. In fact, I'm now a certified Zumba Instructor, and can be found shakin' it with the other gym rats all week long.

And I still think that if Ben and Matt can win an Oscar, then so can I.