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Joan Kilby

Joan Kilby

Heartwarming stories with a touching dash of humour

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Fashion & Style
The body
Lust and desire

About Joan

Like all writers, I was a reader first. I love books! I love telling stories, making up characters in my head and imagining their lives. My other great love is travelling. I’ve been all over the world, from India to Italy. It’s not the temples and museums that interest me, though, it’s the people. Even passing a market stall on a bus, I find myself imagining the stall owner’s life and making up a story about him.

In spite of the travel, I’m actually quite a home body. I live outside Melbourne in a house that looks onto a creek shaded by tall gum trees. Having grown up in Canada I never get tired of seeing rainbow lorikeets flit through the trees or hearing the kookaburras laugh.

My husband and I have been married thirty years and our three children are pretty much grown so they tend to come and go. Luckily we have our Jack Rascal terrier and a fluffy black Queen of cats to keep us company. When I'm not writing, I like to cook and I'm always trying new recipes – I’m on a mission to bake the perfect loaf of sour dough bread!

Favourite films

Groundhog Day

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