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Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Bestselling author of Romantic Suspense

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About Lisa

I can’t keep away from murderers. Especially serial killers. I've been helping to kill people everywhere from Savannah and New Orleans to San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest - and it’s been worth it as my readers come back again and again, and my novels are fixtures on bestseller lists.  

Having made serial killing my business – well, sort of – I have put my characters through the wringer. They have been up to their necks in danger and stared death, usually a pretty gory one, right in the face. I continue to be fascinated by the minds and motives of both my killers and their pursuers – the personal, the professional and downright twisted. As I build the puzzle of relationships, actions, clues, lies and personal histories that haunt her protagonists, I must also confront the fear and terror faced by my victims, and the harsh and enduring truth that, in the real world, terror and madness touch far too many lives and families. 

I began writing at the urging of my sister, novelist Nancy Bush. Inspired by the success of authors I admired and the burgeoning market for romance fiction at the time, Nancy was convinced we could work together and succeed. We sat down, determined to write and to be published.

We did and we were. 

Initially we wrote together. Later, we moved in different directions. I brought more and more suspense to my work and began writing much darker stories. My writing expanded to include not just my own novels, but I also spent several years writing for one of television’s leading soap operas, even transplanting myself for a time from the our Pacific Northwest roots to Manhattan. In February 2009 we worked together again for the first time in years, on Wicked Game, which received a starred review in Publishers Weekly and became a New York Times bestseller.

Before I became a nationally bestselling author, I was a woman struggling to keep food on the table by writing novels, hoping against hope that someone would pay me for them. Today, neck deep in murder, my books appear on The New York Times, the USA Today, and the Publishers Weekly national bestseller lists. In a nutshell – I'm just a mum, a daughter, a workaholic and a writer who enjoys making the hair stand up on the back of my readers necks.

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