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Anne Herries

Anne Herries

Fun, romance and Heroes that make your heart leap!

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Romance and passion
Marriage and family

About Anne

I am happily married to the same man I began to court when I was fifteen, after a chance meeting one evening on my way to the local youth club. It was love at first sight. We became engaged when I was sixteen, married three years later and are still very much in love to this day.

We enjoy the simple things of life, like taking walks outside or lying in the sun in Spain, having lovely meals out and watching TV together. Of course, I love reading, especially Regency novels that make me laugh.

I love nice clothes and particularly fancy shoes, which I normally buy in Spain because they have wonderful sandals. I enjoy life, and particularly love the sunshine when I can’t wait to get out into my garden after a morning spent writing. I write every morning, weekends as well and have written more than 120 books, about 65 of them for Harlequin Mills & Boon.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the readers who have followed me for the past thirty-odd years. If I can offer you some of the same pleasure that I get from reading the books I love, then I'm happy.