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Karen Harper

Karen Harper

Love can be lethal!

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The body
Communications technology
Crime and detectives

About Karen

I may be an American but I’m also a rabid Anglophile. I’ve been to the British Isles twelve times, most recently in October 2012. Having been an English major at university and a college-level and high school English teacher, a career as an author was inevitable. And I did Scottish Highland dancing for years (in Ohio, no less!) while my husband played the bagpipes

I’m excited every time I have a book published in the UK, whether it’s set in Ohio Amish country or South Florida, both places I call home in the states. I want my settings to be a big part of the story – almost a character in itself, and I love my heroes and heroines to have exciting careers as well as a great romance. As for my writing career, the two most exciting things that happened with my contemporary suspense novels from Mira was the first time I made the New York Times list (with The Falls) and winning the Mary Higgins Clark Award (with Dark Angel). I'm also published in the UK with bestselling historical novels set in Tudor England.

My husband and I, needless to say, love to travel. I must admit I sometimes choose writer’s conferences by where they are being held. We are looking forward to a Mississippi River boat cruise from New Orleans to Memphis and a writer’s conference in New York City this summer. Will there be a Harper Harlequin Mira on the horizon with those settings? Maybe!

One of the most exciting things in our lives has been trying to keep up with our grandson, Sean, who is now thirteen and thinks he's sixteen.  If I need to know anything about working my smart phone or how kids think today, he’s my research stop – not that I don’t still love doing background reading for my books the old fashioned way.

I’ve been published since 1982 with over fifty books in print so I’ve seen a lot of changes in the publishing industry, most of them good because people now have more choices what to read and how to read. I’d love to hear where you live and what you read, please feel free to get in touch via my website!