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Nicole Foster

Nicole Foster

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Nicole's top writing themes

Elements of time
The body
Lust and desire

About Nicole

We are writing team Danette Fertig-Thompson and Annette Chartier-Warren. We met years ago while working on a local newspaper as editor and reporter respectively. As we became acquainted, we discovered a number of shared interests: we were both born in the southwest and still had a special fondness for that part of the country; we both read voraciously and had always loved reading fiction, romantic fiction in particular. But the secret that changed our lives was the fact that we had both been working on fiction writing projects, but had found ourselves hitting brick walls due to time constraints. We soon discovered a partnership was exactly what we needed to launch our dream career of writing romance while maintaining our jobs, homes and families.

Our first historical romance, Alabama Twilight, was released in 1992, followed by a stream of successful contemporary romances.

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