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Helen Dickson

Helen Dickson

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Helen's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Romance and passion
Body language

About Helen

I was born in South Yorkshire where I still live with my retired farm manager husband. We have been happily married for more than forty years. On leaving school I entered the nursing profession which I left to bring up my children when they were young. I began writing shortly after my second son was born, and was absolutely delighted when I had my first book, Honour Bound, accepted by Mills & Boon. After that I had to juggle my writing with raising children and keeping a chaotic farmhouse.

Writing is something I enjoy tremendously and it gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction. Yes, it’s a solitary occupation and people are always asking me how I can stand it, but I don’t mind the kind of solitude that allows you to think and let your mind expand and wander along exciting highways denied you when others are present.

I am a born optimist and an incurable romantic. The past has always interested me, which is why I write Historical Romance. I enjoy researching my subject, for it is a balance of imagination and the accuracy of research that makes a good story.

In the beginning I work out a brief plot, but in the end it never bears any relation to it. I love seeing the characters I create come to life and develop personalities of their own. When I first began writing I would spend hours in the local library searching out information, but over the years I have acquired a great many reference books, which I find extremely helpful, but they do tend to take up a lot of house space.

When I finish a book I always intend having a break from writing to catch up on things I set aside until the story is finished before embarking on another, but invariably my imagination begins to stir and in no time at all I’m off again.

With my mind constantly busy considering material for more novels, my ambition is to continue writing and whatever the future holds I hope it will be both exciting and challenging – with many surprises.

I have no strict routine for writing, although I find I work best in the mornings. I am an avid reader – books of any genre – Ken Follett being one of my favourite authors, and I enjoy music and walking.

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