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Rebecca Daniels

Rebecca Daniels

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Rebecca's top writing themes

Lust and desire
Cars and road trips - rural
Nature and the outdoors - fields/ hills

About Rebecca

I will never forget the first time I read a romance novel. I was at my sister's house, sitting by the pool and trying without much success to get interested in the book I'd brought from home. Everything seemed to distract me – the dog, the kids, the seagulls. Finally, my sister plucked the book from my hands and told me she was going to give me something I wouldn't be able to put down. With that, she handed me my first Silhouette Romance novel... and guess what? She was right! For that lazy afternoon by her pool, I will forever be grateful.

I was born in the Midwest, but raised in Southern California and I currently reside in the scenic coastal community of Santa Barbara. I am the mother of two grown sons and I love to spend my free time hiking, biking, and taking long walks on the beach.