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Robyn Donald

Robyn Donald

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Emotional expression - wit
Romance and passion
Emotional expression

About Robyn

Greetings from New Zealand! (To be exact, from the beautiful and historic Bay of Islands in Northland, the long skinny peninsula in the warm north of the country.) I‘ve lived in the Bay for most of my life, so many of my novels are set here. However, one of my hobbies is travelling, so trips to Pacific islands have given me some ravishing settings, and I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable time creating imaginary European countries that strongly resemble some of the places I’ve travelled through.

I’ve always been an avid reader, and have the depleted bank balance and large library to prove it! Although I started adult life as a primary school teacher, I enjoyed reading romances so much I decided to work out how to write them. I suspect husband and children considered this to be a hobby, but they accepted it as part of life, and were rather surprised by my joy and astonishment when the first one I ever finished was accepted. Not the first one I wrote – it took me ten years to actually finish one! Now, when taking courses for aspiring writers, I tell them to finish every manuscript, no matter how dreadful they think it is, before starting the next one.

And all those first unfinished ones of mine were dreadful; they’ve never seen an editor.

I work regular hours – from five in the morning until midday. No, I’m definitely not a morning person; I need breakfast and a couple of mugs of coffee first to set me going, and both husband and dog understand that it’s no use expecting sensible conversation then. My office is small, well away from telephones and the views of the sea and farmland and the reserve of native trees that provides our garden with birdsong all year. I’d like to say the office is a miracle of order and neatness, but alas, it’s not. However, I can usually find things there – unless the resident Corgi (appropriately named Buster) happens to be lying on top of the very document I’m looking for. Fortunately he spends much of his time outside letting intruding magpies and paradise shelducks know that they’re not welcome in his airspace. 

I sometimes get asked what I enjoy most about being a writer; I’m never quite sure which is best – the beginning of every book is always exciting, but finishing it brings an amazing rush of pleasure and relief. Seeing the cover when the book is published is another milestone. But it’s the people I’ve met – other writers, booksellers, but most of all the readers of my eight six books – who’ve given me the greatest joy over the years. So, thank you all very much.

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