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Jacqueline Diamond

Jacqueline Diamond

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Jacqueline's top writing themes

Emotional expression
Romance and passion
Pregnancy and babies

About Jacqueline

I was born in 1949 in Menard, Texas. My father, the only doctor in town, delivered me and my brother, who's two years older, at home with the assistance of a nurse. When I was six, we moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where he did his residency in psychiatry, and five years later, we moved to Nashville, Tennessee. With a psychiatrist for a father and a ceramic sculptor for a mother. I grew up in a very creative environment.

I wrote my first story at age four or five. By six, I knew I wanted to be a writer. My early publications included an essay in the old American Girl Magazine and book reviews in our local paper.

After graduating from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, I spent a year in Europe on a writing fellowship from the Thomas Watson Foundation. The play I wrote about Lorenzo de' Medici never did get produced, but I had a great time and learned a lot! I still try to keep my Italian and French (both of which I'd studied for years) reasonably rust-free.

My next move, at age twenty three, was to Southern California, where my brother lived. I worked briefly in public relations, then for two newspapers and The Associated Press bureau in Los Angeles. I covered a variety of news stories as well as theatre from 1980-1983. In 1993-1994, I wrote a nationally distributed TV column for AP. Along the way, I had the fun of interviewing stars including Michael Caine, Patrick Stewart, Debbie Reynolds, LeVar Burton, Dick Van Dyke, Pearl Bailey, Lily Tomlin, James Garner and many more.

All this time, I was writing plays, scripts and books. Except for a couple of plays produced locally, they all came back with those painful rejection slips. 

In 1980, I fell in love with a PBS series based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I read all her books, discovered Regency romances, and form there I became inspired. 

I've written under the names Jacqueline Diamond, Jackie Hyman, Jackie Diamond Hyman, and (for Berkley's old Second Chance at Love line) Jacqueline Topaz, as well as one book under the name Jacqueline Jade for Silhouette Desire. In reissues of my books, I'm putting them all under the Jacqueline Diamond name, but using "writing as" where I originally used a different name.

I'm excited to have released my first original novel as an eBook. Out of Her Universe is a parallel worlds science fiction story that is very special to me. It's the first of a planned series.

My husband and I live in Southern California. Our younger son lives and teaches in Tucson, Arizona, and our older son works for Google. 

Favourite films

Shakespeare in Love