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Kathleen Creighton

Kathleen Creighton

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Kathleen's top writing themes

Emotional expression - wit
The body
Physical intimacy

About Kathleen

I think I was ten when I wrote my first poem. Something about a garden gate, as I recall. I wrote quite a few poems in the next few years, many of which I think were heavily inspired by those I read, if not actually plagiarised. But the book I wrote – and illustrated – when I was twelve was definitely mine, and were the short stories I wrote while still in high school and submitted with high hopes to the likes of Saturday Evening Post and Redbook. Those netted me lots of rejection slips, but I did finally sell a story to Ranch Romances for a penny a word when I was eighteen. Since I didn’t know I’d written a romance, I had no idea how to repeat that success, and so my career languished for the next twenty years or so.

A night class in writing romance for publication led me to my agent, and a couple of years later, to my first sales. My first book, Demon Lover, came out in February 1985. There’ve been a lot of changes in my life since then, including divorce, remarriage, a move across the country to a new home on a lake in South Carolina. More recently, more changes, including the death of my husband and a move back to the California farming community where I grew up. But through it all, the one constant in my life has been the love of my family and friends, and… writing. I’m now at forty eight books and counting!

I have many interests, too many to tell about here, but some include singing, gardening, reading (of course!) collecting and repairing old composition dolls, and almost anything to do with animals. I am active in my community, and am the local coordinator of a potato gleaning project.

I come from a long line of writers and verbal story-tellers, and I think both of those traits came together in me. I am grateful for the ancestors whose genes gave me this wonderful gift, and grateful for the Fates that have given me the opportunity to share the gift with others.

Favourite films

Cannery Row