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Her Secret Valentine

Written by Nicola Marsh

Chapter Eleven

Kiara faked enthusiasm through the “pin the penis on the stripper,” “pass the cucumber between your legs” and “popping inflated condoms with your thighs” games. As the hostess of Alice's bridal shower she had to smile and giggle and pretend that she didn't mind having twelve of Alice's closest friends demolishing a catered high tea in her apartment while chatting nonstop about the wedding.

She'd done this out of love for her sister. Which begged the question: How far would she go?

Walking out on Ashton last night had been about self-preservation. She'd barely been able to focus on what he’d said as she fantasised about tearing that tux off him; her need for him was that powerful. Then when he'd suggested she pretend to be his girlfriend for a few weeks…she’d kinda lost it. Because Kiara knew there'd be little pretence.

Thankfully he'd given her the time she’d asked for. Not to think about what she wanted in return but to prove she never jumped to any guy’s tune. Pretending to be his girlfriend for a few weeks would have physical benefits that would be more than enough as retribution. She’d tell him her decision when he dropped by later tonight, giving her plenty of time to usher out the bride-to-be and her drunk cronies.

In a surprisingly painless and quick manoeuvre, she emptied her apartment, though Alice hadn't drunk as much as her friends.

"Are you expecting company?" she asked, leaning in to hug Kiara.

"Maybe," Kiara said, nudging her sister out the door. "Now go."

"Have fun." Alice brandished a huge cut-out cardboard penis she'd taken from the game earlier. "I know I will when I measure Greg's next to this—"

"Too much information, bye!" Kiara laughed as she slammed the door, glad her sis had enjoyed the bridal shower, but a shiver of anticipation was shooting through her at the thought of Ashton's arrival later.

Alice wouldn't be the only one having fun tonight.

A soft knock sounded at the door and she wrenched it open, eager to get rid of Alice. But the air whooshed out of her lungs at the sight of Ashton in a designer navy suit, his sky-blue tie askew, his top button undone, sporting a smile filled with intent.

"You’re early,” she said, darting a worried glance over his shoulder. “Did you pass Alice?"

He nodded. "Yeah, work finished earlier than expected. It threw me for a second, seeing her, but I told her we were colluding over our wedding duties and she bought it."

"Good." Kiara opened the door wider and waited until he stepped inside before pushing him up against the wall. "I've been thinking about this all day," she said, before pressing her mouth to his, sliding her tongue between his lips and sinking into the sensuality of him.

He ravaged her mouth in a long, hot, open-mouthed kiss. Skilled and commanding. Tender and controlling. Perfect.

When his hands slid under her skirt and up the back of her thighs, she hooked a leg around his waist and kicked the door shut.

It surprised him and his mouth eased from hers. "Talented."

"You ain't seen nothing yet," she said, nipping at his bottom lip, savouring the flare of heat in his indigo gaze.

"You know you said you've been thinking about this all day?" He pressed his hips against hers and she melted into him, his hardness a wicked promise of things to come. "Try all night."

He'd given her the perfect segue. "Speaking of last night, thanks for giving me the time I asked for. I thought about it. And it’s been too long since I’ve had some fun so…" She licked him, a teasing swipe of her tongue along his jawline towards his ear. "I'll be your pretend girlfriend for two weeks, as long as I can keep doing this."

She slid her hand between their bodies and traced the outline of his erection before giving a gentle squeeze.

He groaned and picked her up effortlessly, striding towards the sofa, where he set about proving exactly how fantastic it would be to have him as her boyfriend.

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