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Special Forces Blind Date

Written by Regan Black

Chapter Two

"I know,” Alex replied, grinning now. “You’re meeting me.” For months he’d regretted not asking her out when he had the chance. She was worth the wait. He didn’t even mind feeling like an idiot for going to extremes to set this up when she looked at him that way. A little bewilderment mixed with that familiar interest and heat she’d tried to hide during their physical therapy appointments.

Her hair, a river of warm honey and gold tones, fell past her shoulders in loose, silky waves and those sea-green eyes watched him with increasing wariness. She wore a soft sweater that hugged her lush curves and a skirt that flowed over her legs. Legs he remembered all too well from those hours in the PT gym. Legs he still dreamed about.

“I don’t understand.” Her fingers curled around her phone.

He slid onto the bar stool opposite her and offered the flowers again. “I was in the area and called your office—”

“You know where I work? Oh, right.”

She’d told him herself as they’d tried to distract each other from the various endurance and strength-building exercises. “Your assistant confirmed you weren’t seeing anyone, so I enlisted her help arranging a date for us tonight.”

“You know my assistant that well?”

“We’ve only spoken a time or two,” he replied. “Mostly this past week and always about you.”

Her beautiful eyes rolled toward the ceiling. “You never asked me out before.”

He acknowledged that with a shrug and moved on. This wasn’t going quite as smoothly as he’d hoped. He had not misread the signs of attraction in that gym, though back then his gut warned him she wouldn’t accept if he’d invited her out. “How are you feeling?” he asked, searching for a way to salvage the moment. This could be the only chance she gave him and he didn’t want to waste it. “You look amazing.”

“Thanks,” she said. “You, too.”

Her skin had a healthy glow and despite expected nerves over a blind date, her confidence had seemed high. Until he’d walked up and flustered her. “And the shoulder?” he pressed. “You’re back in fighting shape?”

Something akin to grief clouded her gaze, but it cleared away with a blink. “Absolutely. I drop buff army guys on a daily basis.”

He laughed. “I bet you do.” He’d assigned himself as her partner when she’d had to do some slow-motion shadow boxing. He’d thought he’d won her over the day he pretended she’d knocked him out.

He’d been wrong. She’d stepped over him and kept right on going. His heart had tumbled after her.

Under her fingers her phone flashed again. She looked at him, then to her phone, and the frown creasing her forehead had him second-guessing his perfect plan.

“You really worked it out with Ellie for us to meet here tonight?”

He nodded. “I was over at the bar when you walked in, trying to play it cool.” He extended the flowers again, pleased when she took them this time. “You steal my breath, Helen. You always have.”

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