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Trick and Treat

Written by Cara Lockwood

Lizzie—in her Madonna costume—is on her way to the mother of all ’80s Halloween parties when the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen—dressed as Maverick from Top Gun—tries to steal her ride-share car. Suddenly she’s letting herself do things in the back of that car that she’d never do in her usual buttoned-up librarian life. But will this chance hookup turn into something more? Or will fate keep their paths from crossing again?

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Chapter One

His dark eyes met hers, and for a second, she stopped breathing. There was no Ryde car, no traffic jam, no honking car horns. Just her and a sexy AF stranger in the back of a dark SUV. She didn’t even know the man’s name, but it didn’t matter. She could tell everything she needed to know by the way he was looking at her now. He wanted her. His hand covered her knee, and she felt a spark shoot up through her thigh-high stockings and sizzle low in her stomach. She froze, heart thudding, as he inched up beneath the hem of her miniskirt. He paused, silently asking for consent.

Did she want this? His hands on her in the back of this Ryde? If she were honest with herself, she’d be thinking about it the second she’d laid eyes on Mr. Eye Candy. She nodded once, slowly, never breaking eye contact. Her costume made her bold, and so did the fact that she didn’t know this man. She could do whatever she wanted in the back seat of this car. Who would he tell? Who would even need to know? She could break her rules, just this once.

His big, strong hand ran up the length of her thigh, stopping just short of the edge of her frilly thong. She sucked in a breath. She’d never done anything like this before, not once, and here she was, about to let a man touch her—there—in public. But she wasn’t herself, she remembered. This was Halloween, when she could be anyone else, and tonight she’d be the kind of woman who demanded what she wanted and got it. To hell with consequences. She’d be someone else, and maybe, just maybe she’d like it.

She slipped her knees apart, and he pushed upward, gently caressing the thin fabric of her underwear. A million nerve endings came alive at once, the slow burning embers fanned into flames. He watched her, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, and she knew, right in that instant, that she was going to have the climax of her life.

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Cara Lockwood

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