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Zandria Munson

Zandria Munson

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I was born and raised in the Bahamas on a beautiful, sunny island called New Providence. My early education was flourished by history and folklore lessons on pirates, mermaids, the Lost City of Atlantis and other fanciful topics. And so as a child, I spent my lazy summer days slipping in and out of my imagination. I started writing at thirteen.

I attended The College of The Bahamas where I obtained my degree in nursing. Along with my passion for storytelling, I have a driving need to help others. After college I took a part-time position at a Caribbean magazine, where I covered topics on women's life-and-health issues. I was employed there only a short time as it didn't take long for me to realise that my heart was somewhere else. I wanted to create the magic and mystery of my own worlds rather than elaborating on mundane topics. And thus, my journey into novel writing began.

I enjoy travelling and my most memorable experience was spending a month in Egypt, where I camped in the desert, rode a camel, shopped in Cairo and climbed a pyramid of Giza. I appreciate many cultures and collect antiques from around the world, including weapons. My other hobbies include listening to classical music, photography, watching movies and learning the art of screenplay writing.

I married my husband in 2007 and we now live together in Texas. I have a cat named Munchkin who enjoys sitting on my keyboard while I am trying to work.

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