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What's the best Valentine's film?

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5 months ago • 6 comments

Valentine's is this Friday! So we thought we'd ask what your favourite romantic film is? 

Mine has to be An Officer and a Gentleman starring Richard Gere as the smooth sailor with all the moves. I tried to replicate the sweep-off-the-feet-cap-on-head move once...misjudged it and ended up with a bad back. I also forgot to wear a cap.  

Which film will you choose?

by Ali on 10 February 2014


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Alice • 5 months ago
I absolutely adore Amélie... the quirky characters and the classic romantic setting of Paris never fail to win me over. x
Kate • 5 months ago
The Notebook- most romantic film hands down, and it has Ryan Gosling in it- WIN :)
Natalie • 5 months ago
I have never seen An Officer An A Gentleman would you believe!? my favorite is Notting Hill.
Vicky • 5 months ago
For me, it's a choice between 'Serendipity' starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack, and 'Letters to Juliet' which I watched at least three times last summer. I just love the idea that true love can be down to chance and coincidence!
Mary-Ann • 5 months ago
P.S. I Love You and the book is wonderful too :-) x
Annie • 5 months ago
Actually...I like Love Actually. So many variations on love...

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