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Wendy Etherington

Wendy Etherington

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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The body
Physical intimacy
Lust and desire

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About Wendy

I grew up wanting to rule the world. Or at least become the CEO of Coca-Cola. Then I discovered two literary giants: Harlequin romance and Louis Grizzard. For those of you above the Mason Dixon line, he was a renowned (or was it infamous?) writer and Southern humourist. Who knew these three passions would someday blend together into a career? These days I get to create a world I rule with my keyboard, and write about enduring love with a comedic twist.

Born and raised in the deep South – with the accent and fried chicken recipes to prove it – I now live in the Midwest with my husband and our two children.

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Fool's Gold Collection Volume 3

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