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Welcome to The Chatsfield

6 months ago • 0 comments

Experience a new chapter in storytelling, with the launch of digital series The Chatsfield from Mills & Boon. Visit the The Chatsfield to sign up for more. The Chatsfield has taken traditional storytelling and turned it on its head, creating non-linear stories in bite-sized chunks that are designed to be told in real-time.

The series is set in a luxury hotel called The Chatsfield. The main character is an executive assistant called Jessie Loe, who after a break up accepts a challenge from her best friend to stay single for three months. Find out more about Jessie's vlog, The Loedown, by watching the trailer - here 

The characters of The Chatsfield tell their stories side-by-side using multiple digital, social and mobile channels -- including their own Facebook, YouTube, blogs and Twitter accounts, as well as traditional publishing. It is up to the users to discover all the pieces of the story and stitch together the bigger picture.

Fans can visit The Chatsfield website to learn more about each of the characters, snoop around their rooms and even read Jessie's private emails. They can contact the characters they are most interested in. They can also create their own stories and share their own hotel escapades in the Lounge.

Discover The Chatsfield stories for yourself right now!

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