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Virginia Kelly

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"Romance, suspense, adventure"

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Romance and passion
Life on the water - rivers
Emotional expression - wit

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About Virginia

I wrote my first complete story in the sixth grade. The hero was an unfortunate mouse who rode along with Paul Revere on his famous midnight ride. There was no heroine in sight. Over the years, story inspirations and ideas came and went, but adventure and suspense, as well as romance, always figured prominently in any fiction I wrote.

I was born in Lima, Peru, but my parents moved to a rural community in northeast Alabama when I was eleven. My mother is a native Peruvian and she continued to speak to me in Spanish, while my father, who’s American, spoke English. There were some adjustments to be made, some interesting literal translations that made life interesting, but I managed the transition well. One big disappointment did follow, though: there was no snow on Christmas Eve! What else was I to expect? After all, every picture I’d ever seen of Christmas in the United States was of a beautiful snowy landscape.

My early plans to become a lawyer, a UN translator or a journalist fell by the wayside as I finished my education while raising my children. Luckily, I found a profession I love – writing romance novels for Harlequin.

These days I live in Florida with my husband, our youngest son and our dog. Over the years, my real-life adventures have consisted of swim meets and karate tournaments. With only one of our three children at home now, there are only soccer tournaments to deal with. Travelling widely is my next goal. Although, given the chance, I'd love to fly a military jet. Or drive a race car. Or…

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