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Valerie Parv

Valerie Parv

"Love gives you wings, romance helps you to fly"

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Physical intimacy
Emotional expression
Emotional expression - wit

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About Valerie

I’m married to my own romantic hero, Paul, a former crocodile hunter in Australia’s tropical north who now works as a cartoonist. After many years of living in Sydney, we moved to Australia's capital city, Canberra, where we are surrounded by over half a million trees, making it the most beautiful city in the country.

We moved here as I really wanted the best of both worlds. I love the cultural and intellectual stimulation of living in a city, but I also want the beauty and tranquillity of the country where I can imagine my love stories and bring them to life on paper. Canberra has a thriving writing community and I frequently conduct writing courses, as well as having lectured on romance writing at the University of Canberra and given workshops at the Canberra Writers' Centre.

With no children of my own, I’m happy to play surrogate mother to my 'rent-a-kids,' Amelia and Nicholas, and to my agent's delightful twins, Kate and Eliza. That’s me again with the best of both worlds – I get all the fun of having children without any of the hard bits, a bit like the babies in my books! I continue to write romantic novels because they affirm my belief in love and happy endings. As I like to say, 'Love gives you wings, romance helps you fly.'

I really love to hear from my readers, so please feel free to check out my website or Facebook page and drop me a line.

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