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The #TwitterFiction Festival is back!

1 year ago • 0 comments
Bob seemed unsure. Alice had already slammed the front door. He's forgotten his keys, he thought. I'd better stay here. #TwitterFiction

This, ladies and gents, on the left is my first attempt at Twitter Fiction, or #TwitterFiction as it’s known to the digitally connected. Tense stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree? Yes, the much tweeted about festival is back. Following a very successful debut in 2012, the Association of American Publishers, in partnership with Penguin Random House and of course Twitter, have brought the digital storytelling extravaganza back to a news feed near you.

Running from March 12th-16th 2014, the festival is about embracing, exploring and developing the art of storytelling on Twitter. Authors (better ones than me) will be given the opportunity to showcase their work, line by line, in real time. Bringing storytelling to life, each contributor will be encouraged to work creativity into every aspect of their story. Using Twitter functionality to find new ways to interact with an audience such as images, parody accounts, narrative styles, multiple characters etc is of course encouraged!

As well as featuring a long and distinguished list of amazing contributing authors, including our very own Maisey Yates (@maiseyyates), the festival also encourages everyone to submit their own stories. You are invited to submit your fiction ideas to their website for your chance to become a featured author alongside the likes of Maisey. Entries for the festival can be submitted here until February 5th.

Follow the hashtag for all the latest, and why not have a go yourself? Everyone here at Paradise Heights will be having a go! Except for me…I’ve been told to stick to Marketing…

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