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Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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Cars and road trips
Crime and drugs
Business matters - money

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About Taylor

I’m a southern California transplant from Canada. After studying both there and in France, I earned my masters degree in International Affairs, then spent twelve years as a diplomat, intelligence analyst, and Privy Council officer. As a diplomat, I was a United Nations delegate specialising in human rights issues.

During a three-year posting to East Africa, I learned to speak Swahili, and scuba-dived with one of the resident CIA operatives. Working the Eastern European desk at headquarters, I covered Soviet satellite nations and dodged surveillance during fact-finding trips to the area. As a privy council advisor to the Prime Minister and cabinet, part of my duties included foreign intelligence liaison with the CIA and Britain’s M16.

When my first novel Guilt By Silence, became published in 1995, I resigned from the privy council to pursue full-time fiction writing.

Favourite films

Jane Eyre with Samantha Morton

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