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Tara Taylor Quinn

Tara Taylor Quinn

"Deeply emotional stories of suspense and romance"

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Elements of time
Lust and desire
Communications technology

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About Tara

My love affair with Harlequin began when I was fourteen years old, and I picked up a free promotional copy of a Harlequin Romance in a grocery store in my hometown. My relationship with them was solidified the year I was suspended from my high school typing class for hiding a Harlequin Romance novel behind the keys of my electric typewriter. Unaware that my instructor loomed close by, I read blissfully on with one finger resting on the automatic repeating full stop key. I then finished the book in the principal's office. Forced to leave my romances in my locker after that, my typing skills improved dramatically. A fact for which I am eternally grateful.

Though I wrote my first story at the age of seven, my professional writing career didn't begin until ten years later when I was hired as a stringer with the Dayton Daily News. I became certified to teach high school English and published several magazine articles before I eventually turned to writing as a full-time occupation. I sit at my keyboard for ten hours at a stretch these days - typing romances.

I transitioned from Harlequin romances in 2003 when I began writing emotionally gripping, character-driven stories for the MIRA imprint.

When I’m not writing or fulfilling speaking engagements, I enjoy travelling and spending time with my family and friends.

Favourite films

The Goodbye Girl

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Modern Romance July 2015 Books 1-4

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