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T A Williams

T A Williams

"Proud to write for Carina"

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I am a dinosaur. I am twice as old as some of my fellow Carina UK authors. I am bald, wrinkly and approaching my pension. Underneath all the wrinkles, however, I am about thirty; suave, sophisticated and very, very handsome. As any good author will tell you, imagination is everything in this game.

I was born in England of a Scottish mother and a Welsh father, and I now live in Devon. I started writing when I was twelve. 'The Lake Dwellers' – all forty three handwritten pages of it, draws shamelessly upon Swallows and Amazons. A decade later I started writing more seriously and produced The Man of Blood, a thriller set in northern Italy where I was living at the time. This was read twice by Collins publishers before they declined it, blaming the 'parlous economic state of the country'. So what’s new?

For the next twenty years I found myself working very hard at the day job. I wrote a couple of English text books and became Principal one of the best-known English Language Schools in the UK. During that time I travelled extensively and built up a lot of experience that has come in useful for my writing. I tried my hand at another thriller, this time set in the glamourous world of professional windsurfing. I was deeply into windsurfing in those years, before I knackered my back. At last, ten year ago, I settled down to write a trilogy of 'serious' historical novels set in the Middle Ages.

The medieval period is a brutal, often tragic era, and it was for a bit of light relief that I sat down in January 2013 and wrote Dirty Minds. I have always had a good sense of humour. With a face like mine, you need it. I had a whale of a time researching the nether regions of the internet and I discovered a staggering amount about the quirks and foibles of my fellow man (and woman). If you ever have a decade or so to spare, try typing 'Sex Stories' into a search engine. You will be blown away.

When Carina UK offered me a publishing contract, I was delighted. It was a two book deal so I threw myself into writing a second book in a similar, fairly varicose vein. At long last I have found my voice. And it’s a voice with a smile.

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