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#TemptedToWrite - The winning story

2 months ago • 2 comments
Thank you to everyone that entered #TemptedToWrite, it was a fabulous competition with a very high standard of entry! The judges, Heidi Rice, Charlotte Phillips...

Thrills & Swoon - Fated Love

2 months ago • 0 comments
In Chinese legend, the god Yue Xia Lao ties an intangible silken red thread round the ankles of those who are predestined to fall in love. From that moment, not...

The best Valentine's Day date has to be...

Ali • 2 months ago
I've said it once and i'll say it again...the Marks and Spencer's Dine in for £10.
Vicky • 2 months ago
A walk in the park, warming up in a cosy pub, and then a ride home balanced on the front of my boyfriend's bike ...romance was fun when I was a poor student!
• 2 months ago
I agree - you don't need to spend a fortune to have a wonderfully romantic Valentine's Day. It's being with the one you love, celebrating togetherness that's important!

What's the best Valentine's film?

Alice • 2 months ago
I absolutely adore Amélie... the quirky characters and the classic romantic setting of Paris never fail to win me over. x
Kate • 2 months ago
The Notebook- most romantic film hands down, and it has Ryan Gosling in it- WIN :)
Natalie • 2 months ago
I have never seen An Officer An A Gentleman would you believe!? my favorite is Notting Hill.

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