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Meet the Team - Sarah

3 months ago • 0 comments
My name is Sarah, and I’m a romance-a-holic. Phew… ‘Fessing up to my addiction is extremely liberating – and as an editor at Mills &am...

Meet the Team - Chris

1 year ago • 0 comments
'And will you be bringing anyone?' Six words that hang in the air like a child’s balloon caught on the breeze Hello by the way, I'm Chris, nice to meet ...

Meet the Team - Ali

1 year ago • 0 comments
“For someone who claims not to be romantic, you seem to have a pretty good idea of how to create the right surroundings.” I’m Ali, hello. Wel...

Paradise Heights

1 year ago • 0 comments
Ladies and ladies, it is with great sadness (and quiet optimism) that we announce Romance HQ to be no more. We have metaphysically moved offices to the happenin...

Meet the Team - Vicky

1 year ago • 0 comments
Hello, I’m Vicky Tinsley, Mills & Boon’s Brand and Communications Manager and, more importantly, your guide to all things celebrity in the heady...

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