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The perfect Easter egg looks like...

Diane • 6 months ago
This is not any Easter egg. This is a Mills and Boon Easter egg. Melts in the mouth, creamy tasting, thickly moulded heart shaped Lindor chocolate. Wrapped only in golden foil laid gently on a homemade Easter basket. Tongue tingling perfection on the outside and on the inside..a gift. A Mills and Boon historical novel to tantalise your heart and mind whilst satisfying your taste buds.
Jan • 6 months ago
The perfect egg is a surprise egg with a six foot two hero inside, with a big red ribbon to be undone with care....oh, is this allowed? Hmmmm, just add chocolate and strawberries and champagne on a desert oasis. And my six foot two hero feeding me chocolate eggs before they melt, washed down with champagne. Rich, dark, and decadent just like my sexy sheikhs... maybe some chocolate melted that need to be seen to.... lip service ;)
Clare • 6 months ago
My egg would be like my hero - Russian, rich and with lots of diamonds. And with a discreet Faberge mark 😃

5 signs that spring is on the way

8 months ago • 0 comments
A small lamb admiring some apple blossom in flower-filled woodland surrounded by birds chirping...would probably be an indication that spring is on the way. Wel...

April showers - love them or loathe them?

Louisa • 6 months ago
Normally, I don't mind the odd April shower. But after our very long, very wet winter, I'm not sure I ever want to see another rain cloud again. Harlequin Medical Author.
Ali • 6 months ago
Hear, hear Louisa! I agree. I feel it's about time we had a little patch of sun and showerless skies :)

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