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The Loedown - Episode 1

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Have you been following our fabulous web series The Loedown? You can join thousands of viewers and interact with our heroine Jessie Loe, Exec PA at The Chatsfi...

My most memorable hotel moment was...

Flo • 4 months ago
Let me set the scene. It was the last night of the 2013 RWA annual conference in Atlanta, and myself, Jo Grant, Megan Haslam and Bryony Green were catching the lift up to our rooms in the (very plush) Ritz-Carlton Hotel. We were buzzing – it had been a fantastic week. And then he got in with us. We’d spotted him a few days before – what can I say, we’re romance editors, we’ve got an eye for a looker! But he was looking decidedly worse for wear that night, and clearly a bit too full of Dutch courage. Because he then propositioned all four of us. I’m not going to lie, we were stumped. Editing shameless nights of passion is one thing, but being offered a fivesome in real life was quite another! Should we be offended? Impressed?! In the end, we politely declined (so British!), sent him off on his drunk and deluded way, and settled for crying with laughter. Definitely my funniest hotel memory!

Watch The Loedown trailer!

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Welcome to our brand new web series, filmed as part of The Chatsfield. The Loedown is a web series introducing Jessie Loe, Exec PA at The Chatsfield Hotel,...

Welcome to The Chatsfield

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Experience a new chapter in storytelling, with the launch of digital series The Chatsfield from Mills & Boon. Visit the The Chatsfield to sign up for more. ...

Discover The Chatsfield Shorts!

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The Chatsfield – going behind the scenes at London’s most luxurious hotel! To those of you who haven’t discovered it yet, The Chatsfield is L...
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