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Sara Orwig

Sara Orwig

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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Sara's top writing themes

The body
Physical intimacy
Lust and desire

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About Sara

I spent the first part of my life reading and resting up for the second part – where I earned a master’s in English, became a mother of three, taught English, became Writer-in-Residence at the University of Central Oklahoma and found myself a career as a full-time writer.

Balancing demands of a family and writing (as well as a dog and cat that wanted to eat regularly) often saw me do things like place the phone in the fridge, boil eggs until they exploded and lose clothes to the dry cleaners after forgetting to pick them up for so long. Dinners became limited to anything that had four ingredients or less or came out of a can.

Somehow, we all survived and I now have five grandchildren and have kept the original, patient husband.

Crazy though it's been at times, I have loved the world of writing and everything it includes. My number of books now reaches somewhere arounf the seventy five mark – and I can honestly that each new book feels just as special and magical as that very first one.

Favourite films

Sleepless in Seattle, Tequila Sunrise, Gone with the Wind, Out of Africa and The Long Hot Summer

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