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Roberta Leigh

Roberta Leigh

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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Romance and passion
Emotional expression - wit
Office settings

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About Roberta

I was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and moved to California in the early '70's, then returned to Bucks County in the mid 80's. I sold my first painting at age sixteen and have made at least a portion of my income as a working artist ever since. The majority of my paintings use subjects very close to my home – in many cases, literally in my backyard.

I began writing even before I began painting. My novels are all set in Bucks County, albeit in a rather surreal version of the area. My fiction uses plots as simple as a soap opera to explore some very complex themes, and I enjoy juxtaposing those archetypal plots with offbeat humour, a glaze of sexuality and a touch of the paranormal.

Another lifelong interest has been Tarot and I Ching. My guide to reading Tarot cards, The Language of Tarot, is the culmination of over forty years of work with the Oracle, as is my book, The Language of I Ching.


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