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Rebecca Winters

Rebecca Winters

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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Elements of time
Emotional expression - wit
Lust and desire

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I guess you could say that I took a back door into my writing career. In fact when I was growing up I didn’t even enjoy writing – if anyone told back then that not only would I become a writer, but would come to love it too, I would have laughed and dismissed the whole notion as absolutely absurd!

It all began when I was seventeen. I was away at boarding school in Switzerland and would write long letters to my family, which I found out years later that my mother had kept. One day, shortly after the birth of my second child, she sent them all to me and asked if I could write my memories from them for posterity. Initially I thought she was insane! But by the time I’d finished sorting through those teenage thoughts and observations and opinions, the seeds of a story had begun to form in my imagination.

The seed eventually grew into my first novel: a story set in Switzerland and France, which I entitled The Loving Season and went on to be published in 1979. I have had a love affair with writing ever since!

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The Sound of Music

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