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Patricia Davids

Patricia Davids

"Romance with heart and soul"

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I grew up on a farm with four brothers, so I'm a stubborn and determined woman. I learned two things early on: that hard work pays off and my family would always stand by me. I owned horses and rode extensively. My one disappointment was never learning to ride standing on the back of my horse. I tried. I really tried.

I became a nurse because back in 1970 because no one wanted to marry me when I got out of high school. Lucky for me. Three years later, I wrote a letter to a lonesome sailor at the urging of a friend. My skill with words landed me the love of my life. Very lucky for me. I was an avid romance reader and always believed I would write a book someday.

When people ask me about my accomplishments, this is my list: I married a sailor, became a mother and a grandmother. I was a neonatal nurse and a member of a neonatal transport team responsible for flying sick infants from rural areas of Kansas to a major medical centre. I became an archer and won numerous trophies in the sport. I have even bagged a few deer on hunting trips with my husband. I love to travel and have ridden in a dog sled in Alaska and seen a live performance of the Lipizzaner stallions in Vienna, and I'm a published author.

I put my dream of writing a book into action in 1996 when I joined a local writer's group and Romance Writers of America. In spite of numerous rejections, I always believed I would be published because (see above) I'm stubborn and determined. In 2004, I sold my first book to Steeple Hill's Love Inspired line. When I was considering a pen name, I said to my husband, 'Look, honey, if I just put an S behind your name, alphabetically, I'll always be known as David's, Patricia. Isn't that sweet?' He winked and said, 'I think you should be Patty Lovemore.' Sadly, I lost the love of my life to cancer in 2011, but in my heart, I will always be David's Patricia.

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