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Modern Vs Historical

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1 year ago • 11 comments

Two of our most-loved series are going head-to-head in this discussion...

Do you have a favourite and if so, why do you like it so? Are you a luxury-loving Modern girl or a daring damsel Regency reader?

Do tell all!  

by Ali on 03 December 2013


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Ali • 1 year ago
Historical for me. Quite fancy myself as a loveable rogue...
Alice • 1 year ago
I have to say, I'm a Modern girl at heart. I love being spoiled, and if a dashing young man wants to whisk me away on a private jet, then I'm not going to complain! x
Katie • 1 year ago
It's got to be Modern for me too! I love the glamorous lifestyles, exotic locations and manly (rich!) heroes x
Samareh • 1 year ago
Historical all the way, there is something about men from the past.They say that Chivalry is dead but i can pick up a book and feel the oozing gentlemanly like manner that men in this day and age . <3
Tally • 1 year ago
lauren • 1 year ago
Modern. Definitely, its easier to relate to and who wouldn't love a hot CEO or a dashing doctor? And the authors make us want to look for that one guy that makes you feel like the center of his world. You can't really do that in a historical story.
candzy • 1 year ago
Historical does it for me. I like the guys because they are hard-headed and the women are expected to be serene and docile but they break free and show their wild sides. A dashing rogue and an "innocent" minx is a classic story for me
Amelia M • 1 year ago
Its a little difficult to choose from the two..
Manuella • 1 year ago
historical is thrilling...some sense innocence attached which makes it fresh and new
Annie • 1 year ago
I love both!
Kathy • 1 year ago
I'm split right down the middle. Love both!!

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