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Margaret Barker

Margaret Barker

"Proud to write for Mills & Boon"

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Hospitals, doctors and healing injuries
Hospitals, doctors and surgery
Elements of time

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When I was a little girl, if I was lucky, my mother would tell me a story at bedtime. If she happened to be too tired or busy she would tell me to tell myself a story.... so I did. Out loud, I might add. Much to the annoyance of my brother, who used to complain that I should have been born with an on/off switch.

As soon as I could write I started scribbling little stories, but for years I was undecided about my career and forever chasing various bits of paper qualifications, so fiction writing wound up taking a back seat. First, I spent three years as a registered state nurse at Leeds General Infirmary, then after I married my husband and had our three children, I spent two years at a college of education, studying for a general teaching certificate so that I could teach full time. Then later, after I'd taken a further diploma in music, I went on to become a head of department before finally returning to university to take a degree in French and Linguistics.

It was my son who inspired me to begin writing seriously. After completing my degree, I found myself in Paris teaching English as an assistante in a lycée. My salary was much lower than it had been as a qualified teacher in England and I'd been discussing this with him one day, over a pub lunch in London, when he suggested I try writing a romance novel. The rest, as the saying goes, is history!

For my first book, I knew I had to write about something I knew well, which is why I decided on a medical background. My first book Tropical Nurse, also had a location familiar to me: It was set in Nigeria, where I’d lived for a couple of years when my children were small. Since having my first novel published in 1983 I have written over sixty medical romance books, some of them set in exotic locations, reflecting my love of travel. Others are set in the U.K., many of them in Yorkshire, where I was born.

As well as my own three, I have three in-law children, and twelve grandchildren (at the last count) some or all of whom come to stay on weekends and holidays. Sadly, my husband died of cancer seven years ago but my family have been wonderfully supportive and life is good once more.

Then, there are the weeks I spend travelling to ease my itchy feet. I know I can still write on my laptop, but I prefer to relax completely when travelling, soak up the atmosphere, and let the creative ideas for another book swirl around inside my head before I return home to write the next story.

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Love is a Many Splendored Thing

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